Bloodstone has the colors of the heart chakra while on another level, it helps to cleanse and realign the lower chakras. Bloodstone is known for helping us live in the present moment, which, as its name references, speaks to the life of a woman as she menstruates or gives birth, showing how each of these things require one to live in the present moment. Blood runs through us all, though, so its energy can be beneficial for anyone. According to The Encyclopedia of Crystals, this stone was used in ancient times to help with cleansing the blood. The stone was also believed to be strong enough to break down stone walls.

I have two specimens of Bloodstone in my collection. The above picture is of my Bloodstone pendant. I fell in love with this stone as soon as I saw it, its deep red a splash of color against the dark green swirls. Such intricate designs in a rock!

When using crystals in our lives, or one crosses our path that jumps out at us, they can be used for a specific purpose. Infusing a crystal with an energetic intention is what is meant when someone says they have “programmed” their crystals for this purpose or that. The Bloodstone crystal pendant is one I have programmed to ease my monthly transition into my moon cycle. When I wear it at the right time, I feel a sense of peace and acceptance.


The photos above and below are also Bloodstone (both are the same stone). This crystal jumped out at me at a crystal chop at my local Farmer’s Market. I had never seen a Bloodstone that had these markings on it. It is usually dark green with red spots like the one at the top, but this one was a world unto itself! There is so much to look at – so much intricate detail and array of colors. I could spend hours looking at all of its nuances. I haven’t programmed this stone, but it travels with me quite frequently in my crystal bag.


Bloodstone is a grounding and protective stone, according to The Encyclopedia of Crystals, helping to keep undesirable influences away. Perhaps this stone helps me with this aspect of life, helping me to continue in this happy, content, and amazing time of my life. Either way, I enjoy the presence of its energy in my life.


Pink Tourmaline

This particular Pink Tourmaline is very special to me, as I acquired it from my Grandfather’s crystal collection. This crystal goes with me everywhere. I have always felt vibrations of love when holding this stone. When looked at from the top, as in the picture above, you can see what appears to be a peach-like color with a pink border. Fascinating! Dark pink on the outside, and light pink on the inside make this a very unique stone. When I hold this stone, I feel a light, slow pulsing sensation. This sensation brings me much peace and contentment. I carry it as an homage to my Grandfather and for my part in continuing the tradition of collecting crystals.


Pink Tourmaline, like all Tourmalines, are protective stones. Pink Tourmaline resonates with the heart chakra. Its color helps determine which chakra it should be used for – Tourmalines come in a wide variety of colors that can resonate with individual chakras. According to The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Pink Tourmaline attracts love into your life, in both the material and spiritual sense. This stone’s energy gives a sense in an individual that it is safe to love, helping one see that there is an ability to trust in love. It is essential to love yourself before you can love others. The energy that comes off of this stone reminds you that it is essential to love yourself before you can love others. The ability to be healed comes to the fore when this crystal is used in a layout.

Go to a crystal shop and hold one sometime and bring awareness to how and what you feel. You may even have to take that one home!


Beach stones

Collecting stones while at the beach has always been very relaxing for me. I live near Lake Michigan, so I have frequented many beaches along the lake throughout my life. In 2013, my partner and I had a chance to live in an apartment in Beverly Shores, IN. Being able to walk out the door and up a block to get in the water was a blessing we both treasured thoroughly. He and I spent many hours throughout the year at the beach, soaking up the moments. We experienced the lake in all of its seasons and were amazed by it all. (Walking toward the lake during a Lake Effect snow storm was quite the experience!)

He and I have a shared interest in crystals and when we are at the beach, we are always looking at the stones. The beach in Beverly Shores has a blanket of rocks that get swept up on the beach as the season progresses. On many a hot day, I could be seen laying in the shallow part of the water, looking at all the wonderful rocks. (They look like what is pictured below; vibrant, colors popping.)

IMG_0004 (4)

In the photo: 3 Crinoid Stems (center), a Fossil stone (at the top, going clockwise), a Red Jasper, another Jasper, possibly Unakite, Quartz, an Agate, Citrine, and another Agate.

I quickly realized, though, that finding amazing specimens in the water did not always translate once I brought them home. Once they dried, they were dull in color and not as vibrant as when I first saw them. I would need a stone polisher if I wanted them to look like they did in the water. (Maybe someday…) I know I’ve found a few Jaspers, some Quartz, Crinoid stems, fossil stones, and agates. The lines on some of these stones! Amazing!

IMG_0006 (4)

In the photo: Jasper (top), Green Jasper (right), Natural Blue Quartz (bottom), and Yellow Jasper (left).

My most recent trip to the beach happened a few weeks ago. The summer was starting to heat up and I desperately needed the water’s coolness. I took my typical swim, allowing my body to cool from the heat of the day, and, not wanting to get out of the water, I laid in the shallow area and found the stones pictured, following my impulse as I perused them. I found three Crinoid Stems! Those have always been a special find. The above photo contains the larger stones I collected (pictured at the top with the other stones of the day). The blue one jumped out at me (of course, without the water, it doesn’t look so blue) and the others had some fun lines and patterns.

When I collect stones, without getting into the science of it all, I can’t help but think about the miracle that is their existence. The beauty and uniqueness in each stone is something one could meditate on for hours. How did they come to be? What made them develop those particular colors and patterns? It’s a wonder of nature and I’m happy to be an observer of these miracles.

In the previous article, I wrote about Merlinite, the stone in the middle of the crystal layout pictured above. The crystal at the northernmost point (directly above the Merlinite) is a Red Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye stones are myriad in color and each one has unique characteristics. Red Tiger’s Eye is known to enhance the flow of Chi. When things flow, our lives run more smoothly. This stone is also known for overcoming lethargy and helps one with motivating toward a goal. I feel Tiger’s Eye is a very grounding stone, as in it roots a person’s energy while in meditation. 


Going clockwise around the circle is a Red Agate (pictured above). Agates are easy to identify because all of them have ridges of some kind. The ridges look like a pattern of ribbons in the stone. They are quite beautiful. In ancient Rome, the Red Agate, also known as the Blood Agate, was believed to help with healing the blood and as a guard against insect bites. I use this stone frequently for energizing the Sacral chakra in the crystal layouts I do in my healing practice.


Next in the circle is Carnelian. Carnelian (pictured above) is a beautiful stone. The one that I have in this layout appears to be an agate (due to the lines in the thin stone) but Carnelian has these characteristics as well. Its color is classically Carnelian. Carnelian is known for stabilizing anger or jealousy. I’ve kept this stone in my pocket on days when my energy was low or I had insecurities. Carnelian is a good stone to have in a layout because it has the ability to cleanse other stones. It helps you trust yourself, allowing you to overcome any negative conditioning you are struggling with. It can also help when one needs motivation to achieve success in business.


The next two stones in the circle are both Mookaite Jaspers. Mookaite Jasper is one of my favorite stones. Anytime I am in a crystal shop, I am drawn to them, as they vary in color and character. Most of them are yellow-orange with striping, but some are dark red with a little orange stripe. (The stone at the 10:00 position in the circle is also a Mookaite Jasper – all three are pictured above with the exception of the large Mookaite.) Meditating with this stone has helped me find my calm in the middle of tense times. Balancing inner and outer experiences, Mookaite instills a desire for new experiences and helps you keep calm when facing them. Keeping this stone in a layout helps one to see all the possibilities and helps in choosing the right path. 


The next stone (at the 7:00 position) is a Fire Opal. This stone is also a highly cherished part of my collection. When held in the sunlight, the beauty that is characteristic of an Opal shines through among the orange coloring of the Fire Opal. I found this beautiful stone at a crystal shop called Mystic Beads and Earthwear in Niles, MI. It is known to enhance personal power, awakening your inner fire and can be a protective stone. When I first held this stone, its energy was beaming and my hand was buzzing and a sense of peace mixed with excitement came over me. I use it in a layout or carry it in my pocket when I sense a need for empowerment. Keeping this stone in your presence can help if you are trying to let go of past issues or traumas. It can help with facilitating an easy transition from where you are to where you need to be. It releases anything that blocks your creativity and can especially help someone who wants to reestablish trust in relationships.


The crystal in the 9:00 position is a Citrine point. Citrine is a yellow stone and is known to cleanse other crystals. It is a beneficial stone, as it is an energizer and can aid your creative flow while also never needing cleansing itself. I fell in love with this stone when I first saw it. Its deep orange color was darker than the first Citrine I had in my collection. The point is especially useful in directing its energy for healing. There are myriad lines and occlusions in this particular Citrine and I love to look closer at its intricacies. Citrine is essential to my collection because it absorbs and grounds negative energy and protects the environment. Citrine is also known for attracting abundance as well as bringing you to a space that allows for generosity, encouraging a desire to share what you have. 


The final crystal (in the 11:00 position) is a Red Jasper. Jasper has such variety of color that the use of the crystal is determined by its color. I am generally attracted to Jaspers and I liked this crystal’s appearance quite a bit. I purchased it from a small crystal shop at my local Farmer’s Market, called The Treasure Castle. Brown mixes in with the red in a cloudy formation within the crystal. This stone had a grounding presence for me. Red Jasper can help to bring problems to light before they get out of control. It is a stone that helps to calm your emotions, and when placed under your pillow, helps with recalling your dreams.

The crystals in the inner circle in this layout were placed there to enhance Base and Sacral chakra energies. The layout above was on my table for months and had a very nice effect to my home and life. Thanks for reading!


Crystal layouts (like the one above) are a great way to display your crystals. I had this one set up on my table for awhile. Its appearance was lovely while also combining the energies of all of the crystals. This particular layout contains crystals that work with each of the chakras. A high energy stone, which I will discuss in a moment, was placed in the center, surrounded by crystals for the lower chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus). The outside circle contained larger crystals with an amethyst/clear crystal theme. Each one is unique and has a special place in my heart.

Merlinite is the crystal at the center of the layout. It is a beautiful crystal and one that is very mesmerizing to look at. I found it at The Treasure Castle, a wonderful crystal shop at my local Farmer’s Market. I have become quite friendly with the owners and seek out their advice on a regular basis.


So much depth to this one! Its vibrations, upon first touching it, shot through my arm, over my shoulders and to my other arm. I typically hold stones in my left hand to sense the vibrations, although I can sense the vibrations in the right hand too. Some people believe that the left hand is the receiving hand, and you should hold all crystals in that hand first. I believe and have felt the energies regardless of which hand I am using.

Merlinite, also known as Psilomelane, is a high energy stone, known for being a “high energy cleanser” according to The Encyclopedia of Crystals. What does this mean? Merlinite, with its combination of minerals (it is made of Silicon Dioxide with impurities) represents the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Since it represents the four elements, it can cleanse us on a holistic basis, tuning us into our Higher Selves (what some may call our Soul). It is thought to hold the wisdom of shamans and aids the healing process of those who work with metaphysical magic. This stone can help one see into the future when used in shamanic practices and supports bringing any past or present issue to a successful conclusion.

Merlinite is known to help with reprogramming ingrained behavior patterns and is an excellent stone for past life healing. Holding this stone or having it in your presence helps with coming to terms with negative experiences, either from the current life or a past one. If you find yourself inadvertently falling into the same traps, holding onto a Merlinite with the intention of opening to its healing powers may help. It is known to help with balancing yin/yang, masculine/feminine aspects of ourselves, which is always helpful if we are trying to walk through life in balance.

Crystals and such

Crystals have played a predominant role in my life for so long I’m not sure when my love for them started. My grandfather was always tumbling rocks in his tumbler and my father has always carried crystals in his pockets or had them around the house. As a young child, I did not realize how special this would be in my life. I have crystals in my collection that came from my grandfather, and I cherish them deeply. As I grew into adulthood, I began to sense that there was something more to crystals and their energies. Something about them drew me to them.

When I became a Reiki practitioner, I learned about crystal layouts that could be paired with my energy work. Crystals used during a Reiki session help to amplify the energy work. I practiced with them, holding them in each hand, and/or placing a crystal on each chakra in meditation, and found that the energies that moved through my body just by holding these crystals, or placing them on my body at the chakra points, was very powerful. I was intrigued with crystals and their energies then and my fascination with crystals has only continued to grow.

I have developed quite a collection of crystals over the years, and they have added contentment to my living space and my being. They are now placed randomly (and not so randomly) in my home. I carry them in my pockets, I have crystal pendants, and I use them in my Reiki energy healing practice. I have always had some kind of crystal near me, even when I wasn’t aware of their energetic abilities to bring healing and peace to my space and my being. I love the permeating energies they present and the ability to bring healing. When I enter my home, with the abundance of crystals residing there, I feel at peace.

My intent for this blog is to provide awareness of the crystals and their properties. As a result of my interest in crystals, I have become what I would consider an expert on the various crystals that are found in crystal shops, farmer’s markets, etc. Thanks to The Encyclopedia of Crystals and The Crystal Bible, both of which are written by Judy Hall, I have been able to research the crystals as I bring them into my possession. As I have used them in my daily life, in my healing practice, or in determining their placement in my home, I have referred back to these books numerous times. Sometimes the best way to learn something is out of passion for it as well as repeated readings of the material.

I will be writing about “crystals through the colors”, so to speak. I will highlight a new crystal every week, describing how each crystal came to me, how it is expected to help with healing and balancing one’s life, which chakra it balances, and its physical properties. Come and journey with me as we explore the plethora of crystals that are available to offer their energies for achieving balance in our lives!